Monday, June 22, 2009

Stress? What stress?? I exercise!

Yes, believe it or not, the best stress relief is not a glass of wine, or something that comes to you in pill form, but exercise!

There's that dreaded 'E' word again. Exercise.

There's no getting around it. Exercise not only keeps you physically fit, but mentally and emotionally fit as well. Research has shown that just 20 minutes of exercise a day, this includes house cleaning, walking around the local shopping center, or doing a fitness program like the fabulous ones over at Beachbody, can improve your mental health dramatically.

Basically, going for a walk or a run is your way of telling your body and mind: "Hey, I'm worth taking care of. I'm important enough to be maintained. I should be maintained. I am well-maintained and cared for!" This can lead to a more positive attitude, a better self-image and more self-confidence.

Oh, but who needs all that?

Who really cares about good self-image, or strong self-confidence, or having a firm connection between body and mind?

Who really needs to have a better night's sleep, or improved memory?

Who really needs better muscle tone for better posture?

Who really needs better blood flow to their brains for better circulation and brain chemistry?

Sorry to say, but we all do!

Just exercising 20 minutes a day can increase and better your daily functions. Just 20 minutes! So why aren't you getting out there and doing it?

Those are all excuses, and you know it. No time, no energy, I have family. What you have is a failure to get creative. Make exercise fun by including your family. Instead of going to a restaurant, go to the park, plan a picnic, then partake in the beauty of nature as you walk around the park with your family.

Instead of driving through the local fast food restaurant, plan and cook a meal together, and go for a walk afterwards, discussing the day's event. Include working out as part of the dinner table bonding.

Invite your kids to work out with you, as you are doing a fitness program, like Turbo Jam or Hip Hop Abs. Many Beachbody customers find that their children enjoy the programs as much as they do! Not only are you spending time with your family, but inviting your children to exercising with means a healthier future for them as well.

Aren't your children worth it?

And if you are completely pressed for time, there are programs designed to help you get fit and in shape in the space of 10 minutes! Tony Horton has a great 10 minute trainer program which can help those strapped for time get fit.

There really are no excuses. It's worth it to you and your health to get out there and get motoring. Just think of all the positive things that come from exercising. They completely out weigh the bad!

Join the Beachbody Revolution!

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