Monday, June 29, 2009

Brought it!!! Day 1...

I've decided to venture into the realm of extreme. Yes that's right, I'm using P90X to get fit. I've incorporated it and Yoga Booty Ballet into my regiment, because I need to get strong and fit. There's just no question, I have to get fit and strong, or my body isn't going to forgive me.

I went to the chiropractor today, and the news was good. Better than I had anticipated. About three years ago I was given the degenerative disc disease diagnosis, as my L5 S1 vertebrae was decaying. Not a huge thing. We all have some degree of decay over time, just not in the early 30s. Mine was a combination effort of falling down some stairs and many years of playing sports. Basically, I made myself this way and now I have to fix it.

The good news is that my disc isn't as decayed (if at all) as I was once told. It is actually pinched and bulging, because my sacrum (tailbone) is actually twisted. All this time, I've been in so much pain, because of a twisted tailbone. Its a relatively easy fix.

But here's the kicker: My tailbone curves out more than it should (according to my chiropractor it's common in women, because...) because I don't have strong abdominals. I wanted to melt.

Me? Not have strong abs? After all the crunches and core work I do?

Apparently, I haven't done enough or done them properly.

My pinched disc can be alleviated by doing crunches.

UGH!! The indignity of it all...

So, basically, my chiropractor told me I had to work out. HAD TO. And I had to do crunches to strengthen my abs so I could pull my tailbone in. HAD TO!!!

Well, if there was ever a time to begin P90X, it would be now, since I HAVE TO. Not that I wasn't going to, I just now have a prescription for it.

For those of you who don't know about P90X, it's Beachbody's latest fitness program, created by Tony Horton, and it incorporates various exercises to keep you from reaching a plateau, while creating muscle confusion to keep the body engaged. The program consists of 12 different dvds which you use in a set pattern for 90 days. You don't do the same program over and over, and you don't do the same set of dvds for more than a couple of weeks. This helps keep the body invigorated to work hard and build muscle.

What many don't know is that P90X actually comes with three different ways you can use the dvds. There is P90X lean, that helps burn off more fat while building muscle. It has more cardio than the other programs, classic P90X which is a program designed to totally rip up the muscles and created a very lean body and P90X doubles for those who want a bit more cardio for either weight loss and/or performance.

This isn't for the timid.

There were moments when I thought, I must totally be off my rocker for doing this, but as I continued, sweating profusely, I thought about my back and how if I didn't do something now, I could end up unable to walk one day.

Do I really want to look back and think, man, I wish I would have done more, while I'm sitting in a wheel chair or standing behind a walker?

If I can keep this demon at bay, why shouldn't I continue? Why shouldn't I bring it?

So I brought it.

And I hope you do to, because, believe me, you won't regret it.

Go extreme! Bring it with P90X!

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