Monday, July 13, 2009

Exercise ADD?

I admit it, I have an extreme case of exercise ADD.
I cannot stick with one program for very long. My
attention to the program wanes very quickly. If you
are anything like me, you need variety.

But here's the thing, variety is a good thing.

Varying your work outs can keep you from plateauing
out. A plateau is when you hit that brick wall in
diet and exercise, where you are not seeing any
results, nothing is changing. By frequently changing
your work outs, you can see better and more results.

If you decide to change up your work outs, try doing
it every three or four weeks. This is the premise
behind several of the Beachbody fitness programs.
Repeating the same program or work out every single
day can not only stop you from seeing results after
a while, but will create boredom and possibly cause
you to stop working out altogether.

P90X uses a frequent change in workouts. Each day is
a different program on a different DVD. After three
weeks, you change DVDs again. The new fitness program,
Insanity with Shaun T, is the same way. Other programs,
like Turbo Jam, Slim in 6 and Yoga Booty Ballet, all
offer different programs to be done on different days.

If you are going to the gym every day, doing 30 minutes
on the tread mill and 30 minutes in the weight room, most
likely, you are not going to see much difference after
you reach your plateau. You are just spinning your wheels
after a while. Changing your program every day means you
will see results and continue to see results.

And again, if you have exercise ADD like I do, you'll
stick with the programs.

But you'll thank yourself if you bring it and change it up!!

Join the Beachbody Revolution!

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