Tuesday, July 28, 2009

How badly do you want to reach your goals?

Sorry for the delay in writing, I haven't been feeling myself lately, so I needed to take a moment for myself. Sort of a mini-sabbatical to help realign my energies I suppose. Oh and I was having terrible allergy problems, but that is neither here nor there.

I have to confess, I really haven't felt like exercising lately. Actually, the thought of tossing it all had crossed my mind, but I decided my health was too important to waste like that.

So I'm realigning my focus. It isn't about the numbers anymore. It isn't about the calories, or the grams, or the time spent sweating. Its about me becoming one, mind and body fusing together to make me a happier, healthier individual.

I am sure I have spoken on this before, but it is important for you to decide to exercise because you want to do it, not because someone else (unless its a doctor)telling you to. YOU must make that conscious decision, or else, you're setting yourself up to fail. Most people who diet and exercise because of some external force-be it a loved one, a family member, an upcoming event, whatever-will find that they don't stick to their plans, because it isn't what THEY want. It has to be what YOU want.

You have to want it to receive it.

That's what I've spent the last two weeks thinking about. How badly do I want this? How badly do I want to be fit, lose weight, eat better, get healthy?

How badly?

It took me a while to finally answer that. I really had to search deep to find it, but the answer was there.

So how badly do you want it?

This goes with all goals. You achieving your dreams is dependent on how much you want it. If your entire spirit is not completely sold on the idea, you may have modest success, but you won't achieve everything you could. But if you are fully committed, if you fully believe, you will achieve everything. You will receive everything.

So how badly do you want to be fit?

How badly do you want to get healthy?

How badly do you want to lose weight?

When you answer those questions, I have one left: how can I help you achieve those goals?

Having a friend to help keep you on track, help keep you accountable will help you attain your goals. A great way to do this is join an online forum where you can meet online work out buddies. Beachbody has a great forum where you can log in work outs, keep a blog of your food diary, and meet others who can become work out buddies with you. Check it out!

I'm happy to be your work out buddy (after all, I need help too!)

And if I can help in anyway, please let me know!!

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  1. Great post Im hoping when the kids get back gto school I can exercise too busy w/ them right now