Sunday, May 10, 2009

Day Five

Yesterday was a stressful day and I just don’t think I put the energy into working out as I should have. And to be honest, when I finally tried to go to sleep, the notion of not getting a proper work out weighed on me. I’m finding that I really enjoy working out, it’s a part of who I am. It helps me to focus and center, so that I can be more productive. I know I probably should take time off to allow my muscles to heal, but I don’t feel like I’ve accomplished anything unless I’ve worked out.

I’ve only been working out solidly for a week, and most experts will tell you that it takes at least a month to create a habit. That’s the key to being successful with working out, making it a habit. Creating a schedule that you can stick with so that you don’t feel like its an effort to include working out into your schedule. It should come naturally, just another part of your day. I know its only been a week, but I already feel like its a habit, which is great.

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