Sunday, May 10, 2009

Eating emotions

The last few days I have been doing some soul searching, trying to figure out just what was keeping me from losing weight, keeping me from maintaining motivation. Whether you believe in the Law of Attraction, it doesn’t matter, but something I read on the Abraham Hicks website got me to thinking. What if my weight gain and subsequent difficulties in losing weight was actually an emotional weight I was carrying?

So I started thinking. When did I begin to gain weight? Determined the time period. What were the major stressors? Determined those as well. So what was the common thread?

I have always been an emotional eater, but before, I would deny myself food to deny emotions, now I was feeding my emotions because I was tired of hearing them. If I could eat, then I couldn’t think. I couldn’t focus on my emotions. So, now that I know, I can stop it.

Granted it goes deeper than that, but all in good time. Everything will unveil itself, all in good time.

So what is triggering you?

Team BeachBody

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