Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A prick of the finger

I went to the doctor today, not expecting the reception I received. Imagine my surprise when she did just that. I have watched those medical shows where the doctors dismiss a crazed mother of a newborn when she complains that there is something wrong with her child, only to discover years later, she had been correct all along and the doctors ignored her. In defense of doctors, I understand it is a subjective thing when someone walks in and tells a story which could or couldn't be a certain illness. Suddenly, it becomes a story of 'you must believe me.' Unfortunately, in certain cases, patients have to be resilient and persistent.

I plan to be so.

From my previous post, I spoke about an "attack" I had, a case of the "vapors," a "spell" if you will. Basically, my blood sugar went way too low and my body reacted poorly, as any body would. So I went to my doctor today, and she immediately dismissed my claims. Yes, dismissed. She asked, do you think it could have been the fumes in the salon?

Fumes do not cause what I went through, unless I was breathing in some sort of neurotoxin, of which case, that would be the end of my story. I simply wouldn't be here to tell it.

I told her about the family history, how this was something that has plagued me most of my life, but just enough that I notice it happening more. Finally, I had convinced her to at least let me monitor my blood sugar for a month and then come back. Then I could have evidence. Then she would see. I'm not making this up.

Imagine--I now have to be even more conscious of my body and my health, which makes being a part of Beachbody that much more important. Not only do I have excellent exercise programs at my disposal, including a diabetes program by Kathy Smith (should it be discovered that I have diabetes), but I have an excellent nutritional program through the Team Beachbody membership which I can customize to my needs. Plus, I have an entire forum of people who are like me, trying to get healthy, trying to lose weight and trying to do so with different medical conditions.

I've never felt so supported.

Oh, and after one day of testing, my blood sugar has been around 80 mg/l all day, even with a soda (normal is from 70 to 150), though before I ate dinner this evening, it was 62 and that was 2 hours after eating when the sugar levels are suppose to even out.

Gee, do you think I have low blood sugar?

Join the Revolution!

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