Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Skipping out means slipping down

We are all knowledgeable in diets. Many of us have dieted at some point in time. You just cut back food, increase exercise, and voila! You're on your way to fitness! But dieting goes well beyond that. Dieting means you must chose the appropriate foods to properly energize and maintain your system. Choosing the wrong foods, or limiting foods, could result in devastating effects.

While my diet, admittedly, needs work, I'm not starving myself and most likely there's an underlining medical condition, like hypoglycemia or diabetes that I don't know about yet, but I was so fortunate (and said with sticky sarcasm there) to have a "spell" yesterday. That's the only way to explain it, I had a spell. I feel like such a Southern Belle saying that. I got a case of the vapors.

I was at the nail salon when it hit, and thankfully there was a very lovely woman there who knew what she was doing. I started feeling sick to my stomach, and immediately I knew I need to eat, but I had nothing with me. Then the vision started going, right after the hands began to shake violently. Before I knew it, I had cold rags on my neck and forehead, and a very nice lady trying to keep me alert with questions. I really don't remember what happened in those few minutes, but someone gave me a piece of candy and a glass of water. Slowly I started feeling better.

While this is most likely a case of an underlying medical condition, I wanted to tell this story because the same thing can happen someone who isn't eating a proper and balanced diet. Skipping one meal can give anyone these symptoms, so it is of the utmost important that you eat on a regular schedule and not skip a meal. I didn't technically skip a meal, but I went too long with eating something, even a protein bar.

This is why I like Shakeology. Shakeology, while it is a meal replacement, is packed with so many proteins, amino acids, prebiotics, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that it is perfect to keep blood sugar at a steady, healthy level.

I am feeling better and I do have an appointment with the doctor to get checked out, as this is a problem I have had in the past. I'll let you know how it turns out, but please, try to eat on a regular schedule and make sure you have something on you at all times, in case the blood sugar gets too low.

You can read all about Shakeology and all its goodness on their site.

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