Sunday, May 10, 2009

Getting back on the (exercise) horse

So, after feeling sorry for myself for several days now, and fighting a nasty sinus thing, I decided even if I couldn’t breathe, I was exercising. So out came Yoga Booty Ballet Live Cardio Cabaret and I brought the sexy back, in all my sinus glory.

I really can’t tell you how wonderful YBB is, nor can I fully explain the beauty of yoga. There is something so peaceful about, something that makes me feel connect to the world around me.

When I do yoga, I feel like I finally belong. Everything makes sense.

A little eccentric, yes, but, that’s me. I tell it like it is.

It was rather enjoyable to do YBB with my cats, as they have a tendency to join in during the warm up and cool down. They are particularly fond of savasana, though my little man express an interest in the breath of fire this evening, and I have the scratches to prove it. Apparently the rapid motion was too interesting to ignore.

During this brief hiatus, I realized just how important exercise was to my mental health. Simply not doing some sort of activity for a few days sent me into a spiral quick. I began to doubt myself. I began to question everything. I realized that I had been suffering the last few years, going through bouts of depression, all because I wasn’t engaging my mind-body-spirit connection enough. Now that I’m exercising more, I can feel the connection re-emerging and I feel healthier, more whole, more alive.

In my family, exercise has been a side effect of medical conditions. No one really exercised for mental and emotional well being. It was either to lose weight, or keep a disease in control. While I would like to lose weight, I would rather lose the weight of the mental and emotional baggage I’m carrying, rather than lose 25 pounds so I can get a guy to wink at me.

Though I have a sneaking feeling that when the emotional baggage is gone, the weight will be too. Bonus!

I’ve readjusted my attitude. I don’t care about the numbers. I don’t care about the size of my jeans. I care about being healthy, happy and stable. Exercise is not a solution, it is a way of life. It is now my life.

It can be yours too, if you choose.

Yoga Booty Ballet

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