Sunday, May 10, 2009

What did you do today?

As I am discovering as a fitness coach for BeachBody and as a fitness nut, it is true that it takes a team effort to see results. BeachBody has team beachbody which is a forum where members can discuss their workouts, weight loss, motivations, etc with others who have the same issues. It is a great way to keep yourself accountable and make friends who are happy to see you lose.

I just joined the forums, mostly to help me find people who will WOWY with me (another beachbody program), so that I have someone asking, hey what did you do today? In fact, that is exactly what happened. I have been talking with another member who is a YBB junkie like me, and she asked, which work out did you do today? Even though I had an unfortunate run in with an Asian chicken salad from a food chain who will remain nameless and I was sick pretty much all morning long, I decided to work out, because I didn’t want to wuss out.

I’m glad I did.

I actually feel better now, and my illness has subsided.

The only problem is my village (aka my cats) decided that my clothing hanging down while I was in downward dog pose was too entertaining to pass up. So while I’m trying to center, they are attacking the ties on my belt. That’s cats for you.

Regardless of the program you do, try to find friends to do it with you. You will find that you have more success and enjoy your work out even more. Just watch out for the ties.

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