Sunday, May 10, 2009

Shakin' your booty and burnin' the fat away

So, I brought Yoga Booty Ballet Hip Hop and Cabaret into my workout, and I was so exhausted afterwards. I would have never thought I would have worked out so hard with a video at home, but the YBB work outs are incredible. Even my cat Ferris gets into it, well, he’s more into the savasana pose, but what cat isn’t? He did seem to master Bhujangasana (cobra) pose pretty well, but I can’t seem to get him to incorporate the ballet portion into his daily work out program.

The cabaret was the first time I did it the other day, and the next day, I was slightly stiff. I could tell I had worked out muscles that needed to be moved. I loved it. Its entertaining, its fast paced, and I felt like I had accomplished a strong program when I was done. If you want a program that doesn’t feel like a work out, YBB caberet or any YBB program is for you.

The great thing about YBB is that it incorporates the principles of centering and breathing that is central to yoga. I love the sense of peace I get from not only a strong work out, but a work out that has such relaxing yoga poses. I can’t go on about YBB enough. I just love it.
It’s like meditating the fat away.

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