Sunday, May 10, 2009

May means Motivating and Yearning

What motivates you? What are you yearning for? A better looking body? Inner peace? Financial freedom? Why not take the month of May and discover what motivates you and what it is you are yearning for.

31 days. That’s all. Just take the next 31 days to focus on exactly what you want. Pick a goal. Say you want to lose weight. Great goal, indeed it is. But why? What is it that is motivating you to lose weight? When you locate what motivates you and your goals, you understand your goals and yourself so much better, that you are likely to stick with your goals.

brings us to yearning. What are you yearning for? Are you yearning to fit back into those jeans that you gave up on years ago, or that bikini? Sitting down and focusing on your goal will help you to fully embrace and reach your goal.

So what does May mean for you?

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