Sunday, May 10, 2009

Day Three

I feel terribly, partly because I didn’t work out today, but mostly because I’m fighting a migraine, which kept me from working out.

While some people will tell you that working out can in fact reduce migraine pressue, it isn’t always the best remedy. Yes, exercising, light exercise can in fact reduce the intensity of a migraine, but there is a fine line between relief and relapse. Working out can also increase the intensity of your migraine with a rebound effect.

Fearing a rebound, I decided that today would be a rest day. I’ve been trying to fight the migraine with homeopathic medicines, such as inflammation reducation pills and the rub-on migraine medication, applied directly to my forehead! It is still giving me problems, but it is easing off.

Tomorrow I will return to my routine. Migraine or no.

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